The world, unwrapped

It’s been a minute since I picked up the pen but I couldn’t resist writing about what’s going on in sustainability – especially waste – right now. Since I started this blog, sustainability on the world stage has gone from a niche, first-world ideology to semi-mainstream table-talk. Here in Australia, the most recent propellant has… Continue reading The world, unwrapped

Brave New World

The state-wide black-out in South Australia on October 28th was a warning sign of the most dramatic type. Our energy systems are changing faster than we know how to deal with. And our politicians, try as they may, are struggling to keep up with the changes. The lights went out in South Australia on September… Continue reading Brave New World

Flying High

Do you fly? Me too. Whilst we have attractive sustainable options for terrestrial and aquatic travel, there are no realistic low carbon alternatives to air travel. We could take ships for international travel but that’s not very practical and only marginally more sustainable. At present if we want to fly, we’re stuck with the associated emissions. With 2%… Continue reading Flying High


Food. We all eat it and most of us like it. Where it’s grown and how, though, can have both huge environmental and health impacts. A lot of the food we eat comes from large intensive farms. Intensive farming requires nutrient rich soil but with each crop, nutrients are extracted from the soil. To keep the… Continue reading Grub


I recently travelled to South Africa which, for me, highlighted the contrast between the developed and developing worlds in a beautifully humbling way. And humbling it should be, for those of us concerned about the consequences of climate change, because it is those in the developing world who are at most risk from rising sea levels… Continue reading Energised